Saturday, 10 December 2016

Bible Reading #223 - Wasting Your Life?

Wasting Your Life?

Genesis 41

I pray blessings on you as you read.

(v. 39-40) "Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, 'Because God has let you know all this, there is no one wise and intelligent as you. You will be in charge of my palace, and all my people will do what you say. I will be more important than you, only because I am Pharaoh.' "

My Thoughts

It took 2 years for Joseph to finally get out of prison. 2 years. How do you think he felt about that? I know I've asked the same thing pretty much the last few posts, but I'm serious about it. A lot of Joseph's life was spent doing things that he shouldn't have had to do. Sure, while he was in prison, he probably did things that were not so wasteful, which is good, but the Bible doesn't tell us those things. I wonder if Joseph ever felt like he was wasting his life...

Have you ever felt that your life was being wasted? Was it your own doing, or others' doing? I know that I have. The last 4 years I have felt this way. The first 2 years after I graduated, I did nothing. Sure, I went to college a couple days a week. The rest of the time and the next year, I spent playing games all day. Yeah, okay, I did laundry, helped with supper and stuff, but mostly games. After that, I started doing Taekwondo. That gave me something else to do, something active, 2 days of the week. For 2 hours each day. The rest of the time was still games. Then I started parkour, 3 times a week. Still games. Now I'm on YouTube, gaming. But I don't have time to play games for the heck of playing them anymore. And YouTube is going slow, I have a small amount of support from those around me and I'm praying for the future. I'm also teaching parkour now.

So I'm doing a lot of new things and different things, but currently, nothing is really lucrative. At least not in terms of money. Which, unfortunately, I do need. I'm thankful to be in a situation where it isn't a problem right now that I'm not making much. It still sucks, and I'm working on it. I'm always praying and always talking to God. I'm waiting on Him. For His plan to come through. Joseph did the same.

After those 2 years in prison, Joseph got out ended up becoming the second most powerful and second most important person in Egypt. Pharaoh was still first. Joseph waited on God and he went from how low he was, to being way up high. That may not happen with you, but just because you're in a tough or crappy position right now, doesn't mean you're going to stay there. Maybe your attitude about it needs to change as well.

Pray, pray, pray. God may be prepping you for what's next to come. Sometimes we aren't ready for God's plan to come through either because we just aren't, maybe it's our attitude, maybe it's something we've avoided or just not done. God is prepping you.

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Prayer Time

Now you talk to God about what you read, and you can even read this chapter of the Bible for yourself before you do.

Let me know your thoughts on this reading as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I pray that what you have read blesses and inspires you! Godbless!

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