Building a Community centered on Love

Welcome to my Bible Reading blog! I hope that what you read is inspiring and leaves you feeling blessed.

With this blog, I read a passage in my Bible and take a verse or a few that stood out to me from what I read. Then I post my thoughts on what I read, and that's exactly what it is: my own personal thoughts. I would LOVE to know your thoughts on what I post and on those passages as well!

If you have any questions about my posts, my thoughts, something I said or anything at all, don't hesitate to ask! You can shoot me an email (below) to say whatever it is you wanna say!

Please know that absolutely nothing I say in any of my posts, especially in the Bible reading posts, is intended to offend anyone. I am not perfect. I love God and I love to read His word the Bible. My intend with this Bible blog is to

  1. encourage myself to read the Bible more and to journal about what I read
  2. share my thoughts with you so that both of us might learn something new or gain a new perspective
  3. I can grow in my faith in God and encourage you to do the same
  4. hopefully to show non-believers that there is a difference between following Christ and just believing in Christ
I also have a YouTube channel where I make gaming videos, as well as fun and silly videos! My goals with my YouTube channel are to:

1. Spread love & joy
2. Build a community
3. Make fun & silly videos
4. Help others in some way

Please enjoy what you read and leave comments if you would like below each post!


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